Bauer 8x42 ED
8x42 ED

8x42 ED

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Die Bauer 8 X 42 ED sind eine neue Generation von ergonomisch optimierten Hochleistungsferngläsern mit leistungsstarken Glastypen mit anomaler Teildispersion und einem robusten aber auch leichten Magnesiumgehäuse.



Modern, mirrored lenses and prism systems guarantee a bright, detailed,high-contrast image reproduction.
The newly developed phase-correction coating on the roof prisms enhances the image contrast and provides a fatigue "Outdoor-Adventure" also during al long time of observation.
The use of ED glass (glass types with annormaler partial dispersion) provides the optical designers a minimized chromatic aberration in the optical system.
As a result of these optimizations, the user enjoys a acrimonious and colourful picture even under twilight conditions.
Because of the excellent short range of 3 m, a view into the world of plants and insects is also possible.


The robust, high-strength and lightweight magnesium-alloy housing supports the excellent optical datas with an optimal protection of the system against impact and shock.
An elaborate sealing system guarantees protection against moisture even under rough climatic conditions.
The internal filling with nitrogen prevents the fogging of the inner glass surfaces in case of extreme temperature differences.
Twistable eyecups also allow spectacle wearers to take advantage of the large field of view.


In 1908 the design principle of "form follows function" was certainly not as widespread in the optical industry as it is today.
But 100 years ago the industry already knew it masterfully, to adapt the binocular design optimally to the profiles of the users.
A shining example of this knowledge is the German infantry glass 08 which arranged with his open bridge the best possible grip
even under the harshest conditions. This practical design elements are reflected in the open design of the ED binoculars.
This discharges in a symbiosis of classic, unfussy design and modern optics and mechanics.

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