Yukon Riflescope Sightline N455 (without mount)
Riflescope Sightline N455 (without mount)

Riflescope Sightline N455 (without mount)

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Product information

  • HD sensor 1280x720
  • Large increase 4-16x
  • Increased night sensitivity
  • Zoom Zeroing
  • Three individual rifle profiles
  • Night observation distance 350 m 
  • Simple control of one button-encoder
  • Universal tire for different types of brackets
  • Scalable ballistic aiming marks
  • Precision aiming in the "Frame in frame" mode
  • Quick-change battery pack included
  • Wide-angle eyepiece - no tunnel effect
Matrix type CMOS / 1280x720
Display type AMOLED / 1024x768
Increase x 4 - 16x
Lens F50 / 1.2
Field of View, ° 5.5
Removal of the exit pupil, mm 50
Eyepiece refocus limit, diopter -2.5 / +5
Detection distance, m (object 1.7 m high) 350
Built-in IR illuminator LED / 940
Price per click / vert., mm @ 100m 10.5 (at 4x), 2.6 (at 16x)
Power reserve label mountains. / vert., mm @ 100m 2100


Shock resistance on a rifle, J 6000
Shock resistance on smooth-bore weapons, J 12 cal.
Power supply, V 3.8 - 6.3
Battery Type DNV Battery Pack / 4xAA batteries
Battery life (without IR), hour four
Operating temperature, ° C -20 ... +40
Security class (according to IEC 60529) IPX4
Video output HDMI
Dimensions, mm 285x89x81
Weight, kg 0.84 (with a Yukon DNV battery)

Big increase
Base multiplicity can be increased by means of a smooth digital zoom. The sight menu allows the hunter to set the desired range and multiplicity increment step 4-8x in increments of 0.5x or 4-16x in increments of 1x.

HD sensor
The image formed by Sightline sights is distinguished by high definition and detail processing - a highly sensitive CMOS-matrix of 1280x720 pixels HD is used as a sensor.

The best night sensitivity in the classroom
Natural night illumination is characterized by the predominance of radiation in the infrared region of the spectrum. New electronic components and advanced software Sightline led to a twofold increase in the night sensitivity parameter in comparison with previous models of Yukon digital scopes.

Night observation distance - 350 m
High night sensitivity, high resolution of the sensor and display, large magnification and powerful built-in IR illuminator for the conditions of complete darkness make Sightline an effective means of detecting targets at distances of 350-450 meters.

Scalable ballistic aiming marks
The label is entered on the display electronically and is always in the plane of the target image. Memory Sightline contains five different configuration and purpose of replaceable aiming marks, including ballistic, in different colors. The ballistic marks are scaled in proportion to the change in the increase in the sight, similarly located in the first focal plane (FFP) to the marks of the day optical sights.

Precision aiming in the "Frame in frame" mode
The frame-in-frame function allows the shooter to display a high-precision aiming frame on the display. Occupying only 1/10 of the total display area, the frame contains an enlarged image of the target and the aiming mark and allows for a more detailed view of the image in the aiming area with simultaneous visual monitoring of the entire field of view.

Zoom Zeroing
Sightline sighting can be done both on the base zoom and on the zoom, while the price per click of the label decreases in proportion to the increase. At maximum multiplicity, the step size of the tag is less than 0.1 MOA. The zero point is stable over the entire range of multiplicities.

Three individual rifle profiles
The results of the shooting are stored in the shooting profile. The sight allows you to create up to three rifle profiles for different types of weapons or ammunition, keeping within each of the profiles up to ten zeroing points at different distances.

Universal tire for different types of brackets
The universal landing tire allows you to combine Sightline sights with most of the Yukon and Pulsar brackets, including various models of Weaver brackets, dovetail, side brackets, as well as adapters of the Europrism type and MAK. Such a nomenclature of fastenings makes it possible to install Sightline on almost any hunting weapon available on the market. The choice of the position of the mounting bracket allows for the installation of the sight, taking into account the anthropometric data of the shooter, the design of the weapon and to ensure the most convenient and efficient operation of the weapon-sight complex.

Sightline N450/N455

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