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Hunting & Outdoor knives

PUMA IP Hunting Knife Outdoor Hunter Stag
€98,00 Incl. tax
EKA Hunting knife G3
€89,90 Incl. tax
PUMA IP Hunting Knife Outdoor Palmwood
€97,90 Incl. tax
AKAH Jagdmesser Mikarta
€56,90 Incl. tax
Nieto Outdoormesser Trapper
€61,50 Incl. tax
Nieto Outdoormesser Chaman Maserbirke
€121,00 Incl. tax
BlackFox Outdoormesser Tora
€99,90 Incl. tax
Herbertz Gürtelmesser, Drop-Point
€28,50 Incl. tax
PUMA TEC Gürtelmesser


€36,90 Incl. tax
Herbertz Gürtelmesser Micarta
€37,50 Incl. tax
Nieto Gürtelmesser Trapper
€65,50 Incl. tax
Herbertz Gürtelmesser, Pakkaholz, Lederscheide
€35,20 Incl. tax
Herbertz Fahrtenmesser


€30,70 Incl. tax
Gerber Myth Folding Sheath Knife, Drop Point
€59,90 Incl. tax
Gerber Myth E-Z Open

Myth E-Z Open

€49,90 Incl. tax
Marttiini Game Skinner

Game Skinner

€62,90 Incl. tax
AKAH Hunting Knife Mikarta R 420
€84,90 Incl. tax
Martinez Spear Albainox

Spear Albainox

€174,90 Incl. tax
Nieto Bowie knife Apache
€81,90 Incl. tax
Helle Belt knife TROFE
€149,90 Incl. tax
Gerber Belt knife GATOR
€71,90 Incl. tax

Various knives for hunting & outdoor use. Brands such as: Black Fox, EKA, Gerber, Martinez, Marttiini, PUMA IP, PUMA TEC, Parforce and Remmington.

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