Lensolux Bridge Adapter für Suhler Mount Weaver / Picatinny
Bridge Adapter für Suhler Mount Weaver / Picatinny

Bridge Adapter für Suhler Mount Weaver / Picatinny

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Befestigungsbrücken mit Weberprofil für Suhler-Einzelhakenbefestigung


You know the "problem" - from father, grandfather or uncle you have received a high-quality weapon. Unfortunately, the mounted riflescope is no longer up to date and quite "getting old"? A new riflescope is needed, but an adapted new Suhler-Einhak-mounting for the new optics may cost you more than the scope itself? It would be a pity to leave the fine gun in the locker getting dusty?

We have the solution:

This bridge mounting with Weaver profile allows the placement on an existing foot plate and locks of a Suhler mounting. The replacement of an outdated scope against a modern one or the use of a red dot sight is thus possible without new soldering and bronzing. In the area of ​​the forefoot, the Weaver splint is screwed tightly to the existing foot plate using two allen screws. The hind leg is longitudinally movable and can be adjusted to the position of the rear lock. The use of a spacer roller also allows height compensation.
Your gunsmith can easily mount such a rail on the old SEM. And this also inexpensive, provided there are no extra costs for additional services (for example, loose or poorly soldered barrel socket).

Afterwards you have the possibility to use either a large scope, a scope for driven hunts or a reflex sight on the same weapon without having to think about expensive new assembly work!

We offer this simple but ingenious solution, made from high-strength aluminum, in three different sizes:

1. Short version 63 - 96 mm long

2. long version 89 - 133 mm long

3. extra long version 131 - 198 mm long

Please measure the distance between the center of the front footplate and the center of the rear lock to determine which of the three lengths you need.

Let your old "new" weapon live on!

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