Deerhunter Sneaky 3D cap w/facemask Camo One Size
Sneaky 3D cap w/facemask Camo One Size

Sneaky 3D cap w/facemask Camo One Size

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Excellent for all types of shooting whether it be stalking or sitting in your hide waiting for quarry.


Traditionally we have watched as camouflage patterns have be updated and improved on year by year from the very old DPM pattern to the latest Realtree almost photo like patterns. A new twist on this is the introduction of a 3D leaf system that offers the wearer even more of an advantage when after quarry. The 3D leaf completely breaks up any possible outline that could be left by clothing etc making the wearer almost invisible, this will suit anyone from shooters to photographers alike allowing you to get even closer to the shot you want to take. The built in face veil does away with the requirement for you to purchase this item seperately and have any annoying elasticed straps over your face and head. The built in veil is very long and ensures full coverage of the head, neck and ears, so no bare skin on show. This veil also doubles as a midge net as the fine mesh will stop these annoying little buggers!!!! Very good visibility through the mesh for spotting your quarry and/or using your rifle scope.
  • Size - One Size Fits All
  • Colour – Innovation Camouflage
  • Outshell Comp – 100% Polyester
  • Machine Washable
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